Fostering the Culture of

Excellence in Biosciences Research

Academy of Excellence in Biosciences (AEB) is a non-governmental elite academic-scientific body formulated to support, promote, and share knowledge for excellence in scientific research.

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About AEB

Academy of Excellence in Biosciences (AEB) is a non-governmental elite academic & scientific body formulated to support & promote scientific activities and share knowledge for excellence in scientific research. We strongly believe that developing nations can only withstand their current and future challenges such as hunger, disease, and poverty by excellence in science and technology.

Who we are?


Academy of Excellence in Biosciences (AEB) is a membership-based organization. Therefore, only full members have the right to vote regional representatives onto the executive board at the General Assembly, which takes place once every three to four years.The board of directors, comprising 12 members, governs the AEB, sets its strategic direction, and makes sure that AEB fulfills its mission. Full members elect the board members through one member, one vote.

Board Elections

An independent Election Commission (EC) is responsible for conducting and monitoring the election. Our board terms are three years long. An independent EC comprising three members who are not on board is responsible for monitoring the whole process and announcing the final results. The EC carefully reviews all the nomination slates to ensure a fair representation of membership. The nomination slates are usually announced in October for an election year, and voting is done only via the online portal.

The Board's duties are to:

  • Set the time and venue for the meetings of the General Assembly
  • Prepare the agenda and the decisions of the General Assembly
  • Implement the decisions taken by the General Assembly
  • Screen Membership applications
  • Develop a strategic action plan
  • Secure funding for programs and activities
  • Approve programs and activities, as well as their budgets
  • Ensure a healthy balance between actual spending and budgets.


The AEB Secretariat takes care of all administrative issues of the organization and is based in Dubai, UAE.

The Secretariat is in close contact with the AEB President and executive board to assure that membership is centralized and that strategic decisions and program activities are carried out.